Freeda is your gateway to the decentralized financial world.

Freeda gateway

Blockchain and cryptocurrency occupy a dynamic, innovative space that is fundamentally shifting the way we interact with the world around us. Nearly every sector is looking to take advantage of the proliferation of blockchain products and services. At Freeda, we fully embrace these developments and have created simple solutions to invest in blockchain powered digital currencies and tokens.

We believe everyone should have access to a wealth of financial services and affordable capital.

We believe Bitcoin is the best store of value available today. As governments and central banks exert influence over money supply, your purchasing power decreases.

We believe Bitcoin gives you a hedge against inflation, allowing you to be in control of your hard-earned money.

We believe the global, open, instant, low-cost movement of money will create unparalleled economic opportunity and equality across the world.

We believe everyone is responsible for promoting financial inclusion, supporting ethical actors, and upholding the integrity of the ecosystem.

We believe the new Virtual Economy offers unlimited opportunities for income, relationships, ideas, and purpose – for everyone.

About us

Our story began in 2014, when a global team of ex-bankers and finance specialists pooled their resources to establish a private arbitrage fund targeting opportunities across crypto markets. After demonstrating solid performance over the next few years, the team decided to leverage the power of Bitcoin to tackle some of the most pressing problems in finance, including inflation, exchange rates, and market efficiency. In 2019, the team shifted its focus to designing user-friendly products and services that clearly conveyed the advantages of digital assets. Freeda is a company leveraging multiple interaction channels to introduce crypto to retail and institutional investors.

Join us

We are a globally distributed diverse team of professionals. We work autonomously and build products and services we can be proud of. We practice radical transparency and work according to our mission and values. At Freeda, we believe that it is time to change the inefficient, expensive, and often frustrating financial infrastructure.